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Ashford Angling Society was established in 1902 and owns and leases waters on behalf of its 400 plus members.

The main waters which the society owns are Surrenden Complex, Bethersden, Nr Ashford with beautiful views across the weald to the North Downs. Members also have access to Singleton Lake in the heart of Ashford, Rother Fisheries Association waters around Tenterden and The River Stour on the outskirts of Ashford

What We Offer


Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the no deposit bonus codes australia right now. There’s a lot of money and entertaining! The object of the Society shall be the maintenance and development of angling for all of its’ members and the wider community. The Society shall if possible, hire and buy waters within its financial means and endeavour cordially to co-operate with riparian owners in guarding waters from the depredation of persons unauthorised to take fish.


The Committee shall consist of nine members elected on a three-year rota at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).

The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Society rules and the decision of any matter associated with the Society, either included or excluded within the Society rules, shall be final and binding upon members and the Trustees.

The Society shall be under the management of the Committee.

The Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Solicitor, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Membership Secretary, shall be ex-officio members of the Committee, appointed by the committee and ratified annually at the AGM. Should the membership disagree with the appointments made by the committee they shall follow the rules for EGM as laid out in below.

The President and Honorary Life Vice Presidents shall be selected by the committee and ratified by the membership at the AGM. Once ratified there will be no requirement to complete this ratification each year. These officials will be non-voting ex-officio committee members. Should the membership disagree with the appointments made by the committee they shall follow the rules for EGM as laid out below.

To form a quorum at any Committee meeting, five Committee members are required to be in attendance.

The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of the workings of the Society and generally conduct the business of the Society under the supervision of the Committee.

The Hon. Treasurer shall receive all moneys and keep accounts of the Society and all receipts and bills. The Committee shall approve all expenditure.​


There shall be not less than two nor more than four Trustees of the Society elected by the Committee.

The Trustees shall hold their office for whole of life , until resignation, or until removed from office by a resolution from the Committee.

Should a Trustee also hold a role as an ex-officio committee member then their status will change to that of non-voting ex-officio committee member.

The Committee shall have the power to add or remove Trustees at any time by a resolution.

All property of the Society (including leases) shall be vested in the Trustees to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time by resolution direct.

An exception to the above will be the Chairperson whereby they will have the right to deliver a casting vote should the committee reach impasse on any decisions. The only exception to this is where the casting vote would be required for matters relating to the item above. In this case, the casting vote would be agreed upon by the Trustees as a whole.

The Society shall indemnify the Trustees against all expenses incurred by them in pursuance of their office. 

Subscriptions and Membership

Persons shall be accepted as a full member of the Society on payment of the subscription and joining fee.

All membership fees will be reviewed and updated from time to time by the Committee and the membership informed at the AGM.

All members have the right to vote at the AGM except for junior members where they are only permitted to vote on junior member matters.

State Pensioners and disabled persons may qualify for a reduced subscription. Proof of age / disability registration is required to claim this membership type.

Junior members will be admitted free of charge or at lower fees depending on age group. The age groups and fees will be decided upon by the committee. They will be entitled to share in all the benefits of being a member of the Society.

All persons applying for membership shall be accepted upon receipt of the current fees and become a full member upon receipt of the Society’s Rule Book and Membership Card.

The Committee shall have the right of veto on membership of persons who have a proven record of misdemeanours relating to causing trouble or damage on other waters or who would in the reasonable opinion of the Committee bring the Society’s good name into disrepute or cause damage to the Society’s property.

Winding up of the Society

The Society shall not be dissolved so long as ten members are willing to continue it and if dissolution takes place, it is agreed that the property and assets of the Society shall be transferred to a non-profit making organisation with similar objects after all liabilities have been settled.


Amendment of the Rules

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