AAS Match Rules

Society Match Rules

1 - The venues, Times of draw, fishing times, will be displayed on the society’s notice board and the society’s website in the members’ area.

2 – Each match will be pegged by the match steward at their discretion.

3 – The steward for the match will be allowed easy access pegs to assist with the organisation.

4 - Each competitor, on drawing their peg, shall fish from the allotted peg number on the bank.

5 - Double and easy access pegs may be drawn if notice is given to the steward before the draw is made. These may be booked in advance. (Easy access pegs are available for health reasons etc, at the discretion of the steward).

6 - Every competitor must stand within one metre of his peg and may fish up to halfway to the adjoining peg on still waters or down to the next peg on rivers.

7 - No competitor may move their peg or exchange it or the draw card without the consent of the stewards.

8 - The match will start and finish with the “whistle” or “klaxon”.

9 - Only keep-nets of regulation size may be used to retain a competitors’ catch. It is the responsibility of the competitor, to bring their catch to the scales, also to see that the fish are returned to the water safely and allowed to swim away freely. For matches held at the Surrenden complex 2 keep nets will be required as a minimum. One net will be for Carp and the second net for all other species. True Crucian Carp must be placed in the non-carp keepnet due to the smaller size and risk of crushing.

10 - A competitor must use only one rod and line. Others may be assembled on the bank. Only one hook, no doubles or trebles.

11 - Restriction of use on any bait as per the Society’s rules.

12 - No competitor may introduce ground bait or loose feed into his/her swim prior to the start whistle. The competitor may disturb the water, other to plumb the depth, setting up of tackle, wetting of ground bait, clearing of weed or obstructions and placing of keenest or bank sticks.

13 - A competitor must strike/play and land their own fish. Juniors may request assistance to net a fish from a senior member.

14 - A competitor who decides to stop fishing in the match, but wants to fish elsewhere, must move outside the confines of the match.

15 - An angler may wade, as long as they remain within one metre of the bank side peg position.

16 - Any competitor who leaves their peg for any length of time, must remove their tackle from the water.

17 - A competitor must stop fishing on the final signal, should they be playing a fish, a further 15 minutes will be allowed to land it.

18 - All fish to be weighed as close as practical to the competitors’ peg.

19 - Competitors are responsible for ensuring that the pegs are free of litter. No competitor may have their catch weighed if there is litter on the bank.

20 - Any objections to a competitors’ conduct, for whatever reason must be lodged with the steward immediately after the match. The objector must inform the offender of their intentions at the time. Should the offender after such warning leave the match scene, the objection shall be deemed sustained and the offender be informed within seven days of any punishment.

21 - Bait’s banned from use in any Society’s matches include Bloodworm and Joker.

22 – With the exception of matches specifically for the following species, no Pike, Zander, Crustacean or Game fish to be weighed in.

AAS Match Rules