Gain in order to nil wagering explained 

Sportsbook Betting Rules

Sometimes an event starts earlier than first posted, with Company being unaware of it, or that Company has the wrong starting time. Any bets received after the event has started, will be cancelled. If both teams score at least two goals, the eventual outcome is GOAL. If at least one of the two teams does not score at least two goals, the outcome is NOGOAL. The number of goals that will be scored by the away team during the whole match choosing among the alternatives offered.

Those who have not met the 90% threshold will, therefore, be settled as not classified. Both drivers must start the race for bets to stand. Bets will be settled according to which club the nominated Manager will represent next. Bets will be settled according to whether the nominated team will manage to qualify to the knock out rounds of the completion.

Where Live betting is not available, any bet that is accepted after actual start time of an event will be void. We accept pre-match bets on mobile up to the actual start time of the event. Bets that are accepted after the actual start time of an event will be settled at the current Live price/terms at the time the bet was struck. In the case of an abandonment, any subsequent replays/completions, award of the match result by governing bodies or pools panel decisions will not count toward settlement. If a padel match is completed, all wagers stand. All outrights/long term bets will be deemed void if the specific team (or player if it’s a single player game) doesn’t participate in a single match in the tournament.

If one participant should proceed further than the other one, the one proceeding the furthest will win. If both participants gets knocked out on the same level, for instance if both participants fail to proceed from the quarter-finals, bets are considered void and the odds is set to 1.00. If one participant is a no show all head to head or special bets involving that participant will be void, however outright bets will stand. Here at Unibet, we offer everything from the largest leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A to the lower divisions, internationally.

However, should any game be officially declared a draw or tie at full time, the selection will be void and single stakes refunded while affected multiple bets will have the selection removed. Predict the result of the match and which team will score the first goal. If a quoted player does not play, bets on that player will be void. If the player you bet on does not play, bets on that player will be void.

Predict whether a card will be shown to a nominated team within the specified time period of the match. If either of the legs doesn’t result in the chosen outcome selected, the bets placed on this market will have lost and bets settled as losers. Predict whether both teams will score a goal combined with over/under 2.5 goals in a match in a special price parlay.

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