We believe that we provide the best value angling experience across the whole of Kent.

We offer our members a huge range of locations and variety of angling challenges throughout the South East at one of the lowest rates around. Please see the membership form for further information on pricing.

Our season runs from 1st May until the 30th April

If you would like to take a look around the Surrenden complex before joining please contact us.

We also provide temporary guest membership to fish at the Surrenden complex. The cost is £10 per day. As the name suggests it is for for guests of members and not day tickets. Should you be lucky enough to know a member who is prepared to host you for a day then ask them to buy you the temporary membership so that you can experience the fishing that is on offer. Guest tickets can be purchased online by the member only through their online membership account.

How do I join?

Please download the membership form by clicking the button below and return it.

New Security System at Surrenden

From the 1st August 2019 we will be implementing a new card access system at Surrenden. The issue of cards can take up to 2 weeks and until you have the card you will not be able to access the lakes. So don't delay, join today !!