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Ashford Angling Society - Our Waters and Lakes

We own and have access to a wide variety of angling venues across  the South East of Kent. We are enormously proud that we own 3 lakes at the Surrenden Complex

The 3 lakes vary in both size, depth and angling challenge.

The top lake holds Carp to 20lb, Barbel to over 10lb, and an excellent head of roach.

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The bottom lake is the most diverse of the lakes. It holds anything from the humble gudgeon to Perch well over 3lb. In total there are 12 species of fish in this lake.

Featured Lakes

Singleton Lake, Ashford, Kent

Our members have the rights to fish a lake in Singleton, Ashford which has an excellent head of bream and other silver fish species Located in…

Surrenden Lakes, Bethersden, Kent

A truly magnificent 3 lake complex near Ashford which provides our members with a safe and secure place to fish with only members being able to access…

Other Waters

*** NEW LAKES AVAILABLE ***  We are pleased to announce that from 1st June 2017 we have arranged for our members to fish at Lovelace Farm Fish…

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